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brand name : K-TOPS(Model No.LK-700)
characteristics : high visibility safety colors, tough and high gloss finish
Usage : For painting iron, wood, graffiti......,
Package : 400ml or 420ml
brand name : LK-718
characteristics : high visibility safety colors, Superior appearance and color retention
Usage : For painting iron, wood
Package : 420ml/can
Aerosol Fluorescent Paint Spray
brand name : LK-717
characteristics : This is specially formulated to add bright glowing colors for safety, decoration, signwriting display and all highlighting purposes. When use outdoor, use in conjuction with a clear coat to protect against the effect of UV light.
Usage : Wood, Metal, Wicker, Wrought Iron, Glass, Plaster, Ceramic, Paper, Paper Mache.
Package : 180ml/can
Aerosol Luminous Paint Spray
brand name : LK-716
characteristics : Long-lasting glow in the dark,Glow in the dark for 4~8 hours at a time
Usage : : electronics,furniture,machinery,bikes,wood objects. etc
Package : 180ml/can
Rust-Preventative Paint Spray
brand name : LK-715
characteristics : l
Usage : : Steel,aluminum,properly primed metal and wood,structual
Package : 420ml/can
brand name : LK-701
characteristics : It makes the stainless painting surface of even thickness for every material. It consists of corpuscle and SUS-COAT powder. It has excellent durability, rust preventive property and adrasion resistance. No color change.
Usage : tanks, steam pipe, muffler, radiators, ovens, water line, heat exchange, chemical processing, parking metials
Package : 420ml/can
Poly Urethane Foam Cleaner Spray
brand name : LK-709
characteristics : This Product remove all excess foam, It cleans also the screw thread and gun barrrel
Usage : This product is specially devolped to clean quickly foam gun.
Package : 550ml/can
brand name : LK-710
characteristics : This product is made of imported dimethyl silicon oil with excellant
Usage : It applies very well in mold releasing of large-size hard plastics
Package : 420ml/can
Mold Release Agent(Dry)
brand name : LK-711
characteristics : This product is not oily and maintains a high stability in mold releasing
Usage : Mold releasing ,silk-screen printing,brozing,electroplating,and
Package : 420ml/can
Paint remover Spray
brand name : LK-712
characteristics : LK-705 is mainly used to remove oil-based paint,especially for
Usage : automobiles,motocycles,machinery,etc.
Package : 420ml/can
Oil Film Rust-Preventer Spray
brand name : LK-714
characteristics : Equipment, tools, engine and military supplies for long-term keeping indoors and outdoors
Usage : Powerful antirust agent , Excellent water displacement
Package : 420ml/can
brand name : LK-702
characteristics : ZINCOT LK-702 forms a heayresistant. Zinc-rich coating to protect any metal surface from rust and corrosion. Withstands temperatures to 400 and 500 dry heat and water temperatures to boiling point. Touch dries within 30 minutes.
Usage : Industrial maintenance equip, Construction machinery and equip, Pipes and water tanks, Car and truck bodies Radio and TV, Springs and coil, Outdoor furniture, Tools and weldments. Farm machinery and iron fencing, Heating/Air conditioning equip, etc.
Package : 420ml/can
Silver Zinc Spray
brand name : LK-703
characteristics : coating agent developed by using high quality particle zinc powder.
Usage : Antirusting of steel materials and structures
Package : 420ml/can
Urethane Vanish
brand name : LK-704
characteristics : Gloss more excellant than the existing clear lacquer
Usage : High gloss clear painting wood
Package : 1L/can, 420ml/can
Paint remover Spray
brand name : LK-705
characteristics : LK-705 contains highly effetive fomula, which can remove paints quickly and thoroughly and also act good effects on variety of paint films that are hard to remove
Usage : LK-705 is mainly used to remove oil-based paint,especially for
Package : 420ml/can



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