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brand name : LK-714
characteristics : Much stronger than LK-805
Usage : Same as LK-805
Package : Aersol 420ml can
Anti-Fog Cleaner
brand name : LK-804
characteristics : It has excellant effect for lasting preventing of fog,which prevents
Usage : For the inner side of windshield and bathrroom mirror,etc
Package : 420ml/can, 250ml/can
Leather Wax
brand name : LK-778
characteristics : Made with advanced emulsification technique and natural-luster
Usage : Suatable for leather sofa,leather shoes and leather bags
Package : 420ml/can
Leather Wax
brand name : LK-802
characteristics : Made with advanced emulsification technique and natural-luster
Usage : Suatable for leather sofa,leather shoes and leather bags
Package : 600ml/spray
Anti-rust lubricant spray
brand name : LK-805
characteristics : As long-acting oily anti-rust agent,this product has a special viscosity which makes it possible to cover a large surface,
Usage : It can be used in metal material,finished or semi-finished products,parts and components,equipments for ocean
Package : 360ml/can
Vehicle Chassis for Automobiles
brand name : LK-807, 815
characteristics : This product is a kind of high-tech adhesive coating that does not
Usage : for vehicle chassis
Package : 550ml/can, 1L/can
Sticker & Tar remover Spray
brand name : LK-808
characteristics : This product is of solvent type.
Usage : Remove tar,sticker and asphalt on paintwork car
Package : 420ml/can
Grease Spray
brand name : LK-806
characteristics : This spray with greases of high purity and lubrication has storong water resistance. It will never drop and be easily provided a supplement
Usage : It can be used as lubricant for rotationg parts of mechanial equipments,and balla and roller bearing of bicycles,barrows,
Package : 420ml/can
Dispenser and Pure natural air fresher
brand name : LK-910
characteristics : Maintain fragrance conveniently by automatic perfume spray
Usage : Emit natural fragrance in the office,restaurant,home,wash room and etc
Package : 300ml/can
Water wax
brand name : LK-810
characteristics : Water wax is a liquid wax product that restores gloss and removes dirt from painted surfaces in an easy spray and wipe manner
Usage : Painted surface Polishing and Cleaning
Package : 600ml/can
All-purpose cleaner
brand name : LK-810
characteristics : this uses a special active agent with oil resistance material
Usage : suitable for bathing room,velvets,kitchens,household appliances
Package : 600ml/can
Wheel Cleaner
brand name : LK-812
characteristics : The spray is easy on and easy off
Usage : Wheel Cleaning Brightening Agent makes wheel management easy and simple through the triple dirt retardant, rapid polishing, and foam cleaning effect
Package : 650ml/can
Class cleaner
brand name : LK-813
characteristics : Transparent over coating protects glass from pollutant
Usage : clean windshield,side mirrors and side windows og the car
Package : 600ml/can
Deodorant for vehicle
brand name : LK-814
characteristics : This is effective in breaking down odor-producing substances and suitable for household place
Usage : Kitchens,rest room,baths,storage as well as personal items like clothinf and sports shoes
Package : 420ml/can
Green clean
brand name : LK-816
characteristics : Maintain freshness all day
Usage : sport shoes,clothing,
Package : 420ml/can



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